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Migatron RPS-3000PVC And RPS-4000

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Self Contained Ultrasonic Sensors Migatron RPS-3000PVC And RPS-4000
These self-contained ultrasonic sensors provide level control of both liquid and bulk materials. This gives the user a viable alternative to bubblers, floats, capacitance probes, and pressure transmitters.

With sensing ranges of 30 and 40 feet respectively many tanks are within reach. Their incorporation of a microprocessor design makes it possible to achieve signal conditioning. This gives the sensor the ability to process the return ultrasonic echo and distinguish between false targets and real targets.

With the incorporation of a microcontroller into the design of the RPS-3000PVC and RPS-4000 self-contained ultrasonic sensors many of the common problems facing long range sensing applications have been overcome. Software was then written to optimize the performance characteristics of the sensors. The artificial intelligence analyzes and conditions the return ultrasonic echo. This process filters out any false echoes and electrical noise. An additional task that the microcontroller does is temperature compensation.

  • Simple Calibration
  • Non-Contact
  • Temperature Comp.
  • Analog 4-20mA Output
  • Sensitivity Control
  • Easy Installation
  • Self-Contained
  • LED Indicator
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Affordability
  • Microprocessor Design

The following is a brief list of features for the RPS-3000PVC and RPS-4000.

SIMPLE CALIBRATION: The sensing window can be adjusted by using one of three easy methods. NOTE: When the sensors are powered up and the control lines not used, they are factory preset to maximum range.

NON-CONTACT: The use of ultrasonic sound to measure distance means that the sensor does not need to come in contact with the target.

TEMPERATURE COMPENSATED: This is accomplished by means of a temperature probe that is built into the transducer head.

ANALOG OUTPUT: These sensors provide a 4-20mA analog output that is proportional to the changing distance. This output can be inverted.

SENSITIVITY CONTROL: This enables the gain of the sensor to be adjusted to work best in different tanks and on different materials.

EASY INSTALLATION: Both of these sensors are contained in a standard 30mm housing. They come with two jam-nuts for simple mounting.

SELF-CONTAINED: There are no remote boxes to mount with these sensors. All necessary electronics are contained within the sensor.

LED INDICATOR: This indicates the detect state of the sensor as well as the strength of the return echo. This feature helps to insure proper alignment during installation.

AFFORDABILITY: These sensors were designed to be cost competitive and to solve applications.

MICROPROCESSOR DESIGN: The incorporation of a microprocessor allowed software to be written to solve many of the common problems that needed to be overcome with long range applications.

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