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Analog Ultrasonic Sensor

The RPS-409A-80 analog ultrasonic sensor is a self contained sensor in a 30mm PVC barrel housing. It is powered by 20-30VDC with reverse polarity protection. It also has a narrow beam angle which enables it to get into tight places. A flat target can tilt up to 10 degrees and still be detected.

The RPS-409A-80 has a short circuit protected analog 0-10 VDC output. The output is a linear .125 volts per inch. Example: a target placed 10 inches from the sensor will result in an output signal of 10 volts.

The RPS-409A-80 has a temperature compensation built in to provide accurate readings throughout the entire operating range.

For set-up purposes an LED indicator is provided. The LED is Green when not detecting and changes to red as a target moves into place. The sensor is completely sealed and connection is made by way of IP and NEMA rated cables.

Besides the input and output lines there is an enable or synchronous line provided. This can be used to fire the sensor at a particular time or for connecting multiple sensors together to prevent crosstalk.

The RPS-409A-80 is designed to take advantage of today's PLC and computer analog input cards. The analog card chosen will determine the resolution of the system. The numerical values that are programmed into the PLC or computer will determine the zero and span.

If a set point or set points are required in the application look up the Migatron SPC-701, SPC-704, or M-1000 control products. Both the SPC-704 and M-1000 can also provide excitation power to drive the sensor.

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