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The RPS-450, 475 are stud-mount, completely self-contained, 120VAC powered Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors. These sensors are range or distance sensitive, enabling the sensors to detect objects only within the desired range and rejecting others. The RPS-450, 475 are solid state sensors including their solid state outputs, therefore having nearly unlimited life. The sound source operates in the ultrasonic spectrum and is therefore not heard. For initial setup purposes,a built in potentiometer and LED indicator are provided.

The LED indicator illuminates when the ultrasonic wave from the sensor is reflected back to the sensor within the preset range. These sensors provide precise proximity or level sensing regardless of color, density, or transparency. They are equally effective on liquid, metal, plastic, and glass targets.

  • Self Contained
  • Range 5 to 30 or 10 to 72 in.
  • Narrow Sensing Beam
  • High Frequency
  • LED Indicator
  • Potentiometer For Set-up
  • Environmentally Sealed Housing
  • Operates in Hostile Environment
  • Operating Voltage 120VAC (60Hz)
  • N.O. N.C. Solid State Relay Outputs
  • RPS-450 in Plastic Housing
  • RPS-475 in Stainless Steel Housing

Proximity Detection
Proximity detection is the detection of an object in a given range. The detection range of the RPS-450, 475 is controlled by a potentiometer located on the rear of the sensor.

Any object within the desired range is detected, while objects out of range are ignored.The detect point is independent of size, material, or reflectivity of the object.

Proximity Detection

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