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Variable Reluctance Speed Sensor (VR)

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Variable Reluctance Speed Sensor (VR)

Product Data Sheet

Variable Reluctance Speed Sensor (VR)
The collapse of magnetic field due to the interruption by a ferrous gear tooth provides an analog signal output (sine wave) that does not require an outside power source. This sensor is suitable for speed sensing with a range from 30 to 1000 inches per second with a target gear from one tooth per revolution to 32 pitch gear.

General Specification

Technical Specifications

A. Electrical Performance
1. Resistance (R) : 40 To 2000 Ohms.
2. Target : Ferrous material, single tooth or slot To 32 Pitch Gear tooth
3. Airgap : 0.005" To 0.150" (0.126mm to 3.807mm)
4. Speed Range : 30 to 1000 Inch/Sec.
5. Output Range (Vpp) : .100 To 200 Vpp.
6. Operating Temperature : -4° F to + 221° F (-20°C to 105°C)
Optional : -40°F to + 302°F (-40°C to 150°C)
B. Application
Automotive Engine Speed Measurement
Gear box Speed Sensor
Power Generator Motor Speed Measurement, Turbine Flow Measurement
Exercise Equipments Motor Speed Measurement
Agriculture Equipment
Flow Meter  
Construction Equipment
C. Features and Benefits
  Self Powered
Wide Speed Range
Simple Installation

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